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History & Staff

"Our philosophy is to treat every family, regardless of financial circumstances, with the utmost dignity and respect." - Mike Graham, Funeral Director

Our History

Located on the grounds of Serene Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum in Moss Point, Mississippi, Coastal Funeral Home and Cremations is a contrast to the other funeral firms in the Jackson County area.  We have one goal and that is to provide a means to which all families can be afforded a personalized, dignified celebration of their lives, regardless of their financial circumstances. Founded on this principal, Coastal Funeral Home and Cremations began providing services in 2005. 

We are members of The National Funeral Directors Association, The Mississippi Funeral Directors Association, The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, and we are licensed by The Mississippi State Board Of Funeral Service. We are a simply a professional funeral establishment, providing personalized services that are meaningful and appropriate.

Our Valued Staff

Mike Graham

Mike Graham, Funeral Director

Mike is a licensed Funeral Service Professional and has been in the funeral industry for over 30 years. He currently serves the families of Jackson county at our Holder-Wells Funeral Home and Coastal Funeral Home locations.

Charlene Shields

Charlene Shields, Office Manager

Charlene Harris Shields joined the staff of Coastal Funeral Home in 2012 as an administrative assistant. In early 2014, Charlene assumed the role of Office Manager for Serene Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum and Coastal Funeral Home. Charlene is a native of Buzzard Roost, Mississippi and has been married 37 years to husband, Billy Shields. Charlene has three children, Billy W. Shields and wife Jamie, Justin J. Shields and wife Melissa, Amanda Shields and nine grandchildren. She is a resident of Big Point and enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, boating on the river and gardening.

Billy Shields

Billy Shields, Cemetery / Grounds Manager

Billy Shields rejoined the staff of Serene Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum in 2012. Billy was previously employed with Serene Memorial Gardens on two different occasions beginning in 1996. Billy's work ethic and attention to detail made him a perfect candidate for Cemetery Grounds Manager and he assumed that position in 2014. He manages the day-to-day operation of Serene Memorial Gardens including grounds and facility maintenance, heavy equipment operation and general maintenance of the cemetery and funeral home. Billy resides with his wife Charlene in Big Point where they have three children and nine grandchildren. Billy enjoys hunting, fishing and crawfish boils with family and friends.

Martha thompson

Martha thompson, Funeral Director

Justin Funeral Sheilds

Justin Funeral Sheilds

DALE Shows

DALE Shows

Bubba Cunningham

Bubba Cunningham